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Lambda Community Center
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Saturday, October 13th, 2007
12:40 pm
Is this group dead? Have a question...
I went down to the center because they had an ad in the new Outword for a clearance sale at the thrift shop downstairs starting at noon, but at 12:30 the place was locked up and dark, both upstairs and down.  The sign in the thrift shop door said they open at 4pm, but the Outword ad (pg 29) said noon.  I've only been in Sac for three weeks now so not sure where else to inquire. 

(Edit - went by again at 2pm... still closed.)
Friday, September 30th, 2005
11:44 am
Rally Location CHANGE
Forwarded from our friends at EQCA:


The rally will not be at 11th and L, it will be on the opposite side of the building, at 11th and N Street.

Please tell everyone you know about this change.

See you there!

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Thursday, September 29th, 2005
4:50 pm
Lambda Disappointed by Veto
It is disappointing but not discouraging to hear that our Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has vetoed AB 849. Our goal of same sex marriage is inevitable. It will happen. In 20 years, people from coast to coast will consider same sex marriage as a normal, everyday experience and wonder why anyone would ever have opposed such a common sense idea. We are not discouraged.

We are disappointed in our governor. In his campaign, he said same sex marriage was OK. He also said he would not be beholding to special interests. Today he betrayed everyone in the LGBTI community he deceived into voting for him. The governor did it to pander to the special interests of the so-called “religious right,” the only group of people in California who still support him.

We believe the governor knows that signing AB 849 was the right thing to do. By forsaking us, he not only betrays the people of California, he betrays himself. We don’t see how he can look himself in the mirror.

In closing, we want to thank all those hard working people in our legislature who fought for its passage and for the courageous senators and assembly members who voted for it.

We are going to win in the end!

Please join Equality CA tomorrow September 30 at the State Capitol 5pm at 11th and L Streets. Bring your families, signs and your commitment to continuing the fight for full equality

With great expectations,

Bill Snyder
Board President

Jason R. Kirkland
Director Special Events

Lambda Community Fund

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Wednesday, September 7th, 2005
3:43 am
Governor Schwarzenegger Faces Decision That Will Likely Become Key Part of His Legacy

Sacramento, CA – In a tremendous turn of events, the California Legislature made history today by becoming the first state legislature in the nation to pass equal marriage rights legislation for same-sex couples. Needing 41 votes to pass the Assembly after last week's historic 21-15 vote in the Senate, the final roll call was 41-35 in favor of Equality California-sponsored Assembly Bill (AB) 849, The Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act, authored by Assemblymember Mark Leno (D-Francisco), Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez (D-Los Angeles), and 30 co-authors including the LGBT Legislative Caucus. Governor Schwarzenegger now has until October 6, 2005, to sign or veto the bill or he can let it go into effect without his signature.

“Today in California, love conquered fear, principle conquered politics and equality conquered injustice," said Geoffrey Kors, Executive Director of Equality California. "For the first time in our nation's history, the people's elected representatives have taken a stand to protect all families and ensure equality for all. We are counting on Governor Schwarzenegger to lift the burden of discrimination from hundreds of thousands of California families by becoming the first governor in the nation to sign legislation ending discrimination against same-sex couples obtaining a civil marriage license. His legacy will in large part be based on whether he signs or vetoes this historic civil rights legislation."

This vote comes on the heels of a new poll by the Public Policy Institute of California that shows likely California voters are equally split, 46% to 46% on the issue of civil marriage for same-sex couples. This represents a shift in voter attitudes towards support for marriage equality. In comparison, polling showed that 70% of the public opposed overturning prohibitions on interracial marriage in 1967 when the United Supreme Court ruled such prohibitions to be unconstitutional.

California is now the first and only state in the nation where the legislature has voted to end marriage discrimination. Presently, Massachusetts is the only state to grant civil marriage licenses to same-sex couples. This was the result of a decision by the state's highest court. Vermont and Connecticut provide civil unions for same-sex couples, and California and New Jersey presently offer domestic partnerships. This victory in California, the state with the largest numbers of same-sex couples in the country, is anticipated to have an incredibly positive influence on the future of marriage equality nationwide.

“At last, righteous voices have found courageous votes,” said Brian Bennett, member of the state Republican Central Committee and the EQCA Board. “Our Legislature didn’t wait to be ordered to do the right thing, it just did it. And now the public is beginning to understand that this is about having the necessary protections and responsibilities needed to love, strengthen, and provide for our families. California is leading our nation, God-willing, into a new era where the true measure of dignity, equality, and compassion are voluntarily given.”

Proposition 22, which said that California would not be required to recognize same-sex marriages from other states, is not impacted by this legislation. Further, the California Superior Court Judge Kramer deemed Proposition 22 unconstitutional earlier this year.

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Monday, August 15th, 2005
8:49 pm
Mental Health Professional and Community Activist to Head Sacramento’s Gay Community Center
SACRAMENTO, Calif., Aug. 15—Mental health professional and community activist Lester L. Neblett III will join Sacramento’s Lambda Community Center as the organization’s Executive Director on September 1, 2005. Founded in 1986 by the Lambda Community Fund, the non-profit Lambda Community Center provides social services, civil rights advocacy and community events, including the annual Sacramento Pride Fair, to the greater Sacramento area’s large lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) population.

Bill Snyder, President of the Lambda Community Fund, said Neblett’s professional background in human services and his experience in directing community service programs and organizing fund-raising events make him uniquely qualified to lead the Center’s growth.

“On behalf of the Board, I am thrilled and proud that Lester Neblett has accepted the challenging task of leading the Lambda Community Center,” Snyder said. “Through his years of community activism and professional practice, Lester has shown himself to be a skilled organizer, a humane administrator and a visionary leader. We are honored to work beside him.”

Neblett joins the Lambda Center with a professionally diverse career history. As a mental health professional, the focus of his work has been providing supportive services to individuals with chronic and life-threatening illnesses, adult out-patient services with Yolo County Alcohol, Drugs and Mental Health Services and leading support groups. He is author of the book “Awakening Motion—A Journey.”

Before entering the field of mental health in 1991, Neblett served as superintendent of the City of Woodland Recreation Department, where he managed a $1 million program budget; administered local and state grants and contracts; developed and implemented programs for children, teens, adults and seniors, and supervised a staff of more than 100 full- and part-time employees and volunteers.

In 1996, he established an outreach office of the Cancer Support & Education Center in Davis, Calif., where he served as program director for two years. He previously served as an instructor and trainer for the International Training & Education Center at University of California Davis, and as a teacher for the Yolo County School System.

Neblett’s extensive community leadership and volunteer credentials include serving as chair of Sacramento’s Walk for Mental Health, which raised more than $25,000 in its first year; and producing
an annual Community Art Show and Sale to raise money for the Yolo County Mental Health Art Scholarship fund. He served as a trainer for the Sacramento AIDS Foundation’s Hand to Hand Program, as co-facilitator of the UC Davis Center for Child and Family Studies’ first “Becoming a Family Program,” and as a host to international scholars and students in conjunction with the UC Davis International English and Training Program. He was one of the original members of the UC Davis LGBT Resources Center Advisory Board. He is a past chair of the Yolo County Foster Parent Association. In 1991, he was named Big Brother of the Year of the Greater Sacramento area. Neblett also has served on a number of community commissions, including the Yolo County Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commission, of which he is a past chair; the Yolo County Drug and Alcohol Advisory Commission and the Yolo County Grand Jury.

Neblett holds a bachelor’s degree in physiology from UC Davis and a Master’s degree in counseling psychology/holistic health from John F. Kennedy University.

Neblett will take a team approach in providing leadership to the Lambda Community Center. “I am honored to have this opportunity to serve the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people of Sacramento, and to work with the people of the greater Sacramento area to build a culturally diverse, economically vibrant and politically just community,” Neblett said. “Lambda Community Center is poised to begin a new era of growth and financial stability that will enable us to expand our programs for at-risk youth and people living with HIV and AIDS, and to serve as the social and political ‘heart’ of the Sacramento LGBTI community. With all our hard-working Board members, volunteers and dedicated supporters throughout the community working together as a team, I’m confident we will achieve these goals and more.”

Neblett succeeds J.G. Gonsalves, Vice President of the Lambda Community Fund Board of Directors, who served as interim Executive Director following the resignation of Robert S. Brodie on March 16.
The Lambda Community Fund and Lambda Community Center strive to build a healthy, strong and diverse Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex community in the greater Sacramento area by providing services, resources, support, education and advocacy. Programs and services at the Center include support and discussion groups for at-risk LGBTI youth; men’s and women’s discussion groups; support groups for people who are coming out and for survivors of domestic violence or partner abuse; and a Hate Crimes Taskforce. The Lambda Community Fund produces numerous community events, including the annual Sacramento Pride Fair and Parade and the annual Lambda Awards Dinner. For more information about Sacramento Lambda Community Fund and Lambda Community Center, call (916) 442-0185 or visit www.lambdasac.org.

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Thursday, July 28th, 2005
5:01 pm
Lambda Alert
The Lambda Community Center Calls YOU to Get Involved!

By now you've heard that the Attorney General has given approval to collect signatures to sponsors of a proposed Constitutional amendment that would repeal existing protections for legally-recognized domestic partnerships and ban same-sex marriage for ever. It affects your ability to make choices about your own life and your family. These new laws would:

• Repeal health insurance, hospital visitation, inheritance and medical leave rights.
• Prohibit an individual from seeking remedies for the wrongful death of his or her domestic partner.
• Permanently ban the California legislature, courts and governor’s administration from providing legal protections to, and imposing responsibilities on domestic partners.
• Strip away every domestic partnership right we have fought so hard to get!

We must learn all we need to do to protect the rights of our community. The Equality for All is a group formed of committed individuals, organizations, and activists who are ready to work on this initiative.

The Lambda Community Center will serve as a vital hub of information and can provide an opportunity to meet with other like-minded individuals who care about these issues. If you are interested in volunteering, please CLICK Here. If you would like to stay informed on local activities and what role the Center will play stay tuned for email updates and news alerts from the Sacramento Valley’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Community.

Stay abreast with all things LGBTI by going to our website www.lambdasac.org

~Jason R. Kirkland~
Lambda Community Fund
Lambda Community Center
(916) 442-0185 ext 103
(916) 325-1840 FAX
(916) 470-2169 cell

A copy of the proposed legislation from Equality California follows:

Sid Voorakkara, Equality For All Interim Campaign Director
Phone: (619) 795-4408 Email: sid@eqca.org

Sacramento Area: Steve Hansen, EQCA Legislative Affairs Associate Director
Phone: (916) 501-0525 Email: steve@eqca.org


Measure Would Repeal and Permanently Ban Existing Safety Net for Legally Recognized Domestic Partners

San Francisco, CA – An unprecedented coalition of diverse organizations today denounced a proposed constitutional amendment that would repeal the existing safety net for legally recognized domestic partners and permanently ban marriage protections for same-sex couples. The announcement comes in response to the California Attorney General’s authorization for sponsors of the measure to begin collecting signatures to qualify it for the ballot it for 2006.

"This extreme measure is nothing short of a nuclear weapon being launched at lesbian and gay Californians," said Geoffrey Kors, Executive Director of Equality California, California's LGBT Advocacy Organization. "It would totally wipe out all existing legal protections for legally recognized domestic partners and their children, leaving families vulnerable and placing children at risk. Equality California has been the lead organization working to obtain these legal protections for California, and we will continue working with our coalition partners to make sure that these rights, supported by both Democratic and Republican Governors, are not repealed," Kors added.

Equality California, and our more than 40 chapters across California, have been working for more than 2 years in anticipation of this type of assault by educating their communities and identifying voters who support equality. We have identified hundreds of thousands of Californians who support equality and have built a statewide coalition of LGBT and non-LGBT organizations who are standing together to fight this attack on our rights.

"The impact of this amendment would be devastating to hundreds of thousands of California families by taking away nearly all the responsibilities and protections currently afforded to legally recognized domestic partners," said Sid Voorakkara, interim campaign manager, Equality for All. "Californians have a long history of rejecting discrimination and we are confident they will reject this attempt to single out one group of Californians for permanent second class status."

Later this week, the Attorney General is expected to announce that two other measures with similar language may be placed in circulation for signature gathering. Any one of the measures, if passed, would deny California couples the ability to make medical, financial, and funeral decisions for themselves and their families. All three amendments would require a tax increase on property jointly owned by unmarried same-sex and senior citizen couples, upon the death of either partner.

In Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, and Utah, which passed similar constitutional amendments last November, the amendments have already been used as justification for denying domestic partner benefits, weakening domestic violence laws as they apply to unmarried couples and revoking custody agreements between same-sex couples.

" We have seen the effects of similar amendments passed in other states last year and their impact is real and immediate, not only to same-sex couples, but to thousands of other unmarried couples," continued Voorakkara. "The organizations behind this initiative have a long history of pushing an anti-gay agenda and they will run a campaign of lies and deceit to win."

The Equality for All campaign launched in May 2005 to defeat any proposed ballot initiative that would amend California’s constitution to permanently deny marriage protections for same-sex couples and eliminate the rights, protections and responsibilities afforded to legally recognized domestic partners.

Founded in 1998, Equality California is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots-based, statewide advocacy organization whose mission is to ensure the dignity, safety, equality and civil rights of all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Californians. Equality California is one of the largest and fastest growing statewide LGBT organizations in the country. We can be contacted through our website at www.eqca.org.
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